Writing Fiction – how to get started

Writing Fiction – how to get started

Writing fiction can be a wonderful thing – it can also be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. People may not like your style, they may disparage your efforts (‘Anyone can write fiction,’ is heard all too often by budding writers, usually uttered in a scoffing tone of voice by someone who hasn’t written a word since their primary school homework. Here is how you can get started writing fiction

Where Do You Get Your Ideas

Keep a list of amusing anecdotes, story ideas, even one-liners that amused or moved you. You never know when a story or piece of writing will need a little something extra, and your ideas list might hold the answer for you. Start carrying a notebook and pen around with you (or use the memo app on your smartphone) and pay attention to everything that is going on around you – we pass by hundreds of stories every day, see how many you take note of.

Grammar Does Matter

It does not matter how wonderful your story-telling is, if you write it down badly, you will lose your reader. Some beginner writers think that ‘someone else’ will tidy up their bad grammar, poor spelling and awkward syntax. This is incorrect – it is the job of the writer to send out a piece of writing that is as close to perfect as they can get it.

Send, Send, Send

Submit your work anywhere and everywhere. Read the briefs on the submission pages of magazines and websites and make sure that your piece matches their needs, and submit away. Of course, you must be happy that your story is ready to be seen, and it must be polished: but the more you send out, the higher your chances of being published.

Finally – and obviously – keep on writing. Write a little bit every day, if you can, and do not let rejections or negative feedback put you off. If you want to write: then write.

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