How to Become Better at Writing

How to Become Better at Writing

Whatever your age, writing can be an immensely rewarding hobby. However, while it is fun and creative, it can sometimes be a little daunting putting your ideas and thoughts into words. Here are a few quick tips to give you the confidence to become a better writer.

Tip #1: Write Regularly

Many writers suggest writing every day. While this is good advice if you have the time to do so, many people with busy schedules will find that they can only write at certain times; e.g. at the weekends. The essential point is to set time aside regularly. If weeks go by without writing a single word, you will quickly lose momentum. Remember procrastination is a writer’s enemy!

Tip #2: Start Small

A beginner who sits down to write a full-length novel will inevitably run out of steam after just a few chapters. Good writing requires practice. So if you are a fiction writer start with a couple of short stories. If non-fiction writing is your preference start with some short blog posts. This way you can try out different ideas and hone your thoughts. Start with small manageable projects, and in time you will be able to tackle the longer ones.

Tip #3: Be Clear and Concise

The famous author George Orwell said it best: “Never use a long word when a short one will do”. Readers like to read clear and concise prose; nobody will be impressed if you try and show off your vocabulary. Keep things simple and always proof-read, edit and spell-check your writing.

Remember no one is a natural-born writer – it takes a lot of work and patience. Happy writing!

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