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How having a hobby makes you happier and healthier

Having a hobby is a wonderful thing. Sadly, many people don’t have hobbies, either because of work or list ‘watching Netflix’ as a hobby. Whilst watching TV technically does count, it loses out on the benefits of more traditional hobbies. See below as to why having a hobby makes you both happier and healthier!

Social Connection:

Hobbies generally lead to interacting with other people. While there are hobbies like writing that are usually done alone, most solo hobbies have potentional for meet-ups through groups, classes, etc. Most people don’t connect outside of work and online, so making new friends is great for making you happier and keeping your mind healthier.


Day-to-day life is tough for everyone. Having a hobby can temporarily help you forget your worries, or even clear your mind so much that you have renewed energy to tackle your problems. In addition, if you participate in an active hobby like boxing, adrenaline releases endorphines which helps make you happier.


A hobby that gets your heart racing will definitely make you healthier and maintain weight, which is both good for your mind and happiness.

Giving back:

Hobbies tend to require a lot of volunteers. Whether you join a volunteering organisation, or your local hobby’s club, hobbies tend to require giving back to society. Volunteering makes people happier by helping someting bigger than themselves. This also makes you healthier as a happy mind lends to good, positive mental health.

Now that you know the wide range of benefits that hobbies provides, go out and find one! There’s many to choose from. And remember to have fun.

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