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4 Great Tips and Tricks to Write a Useful Online Guide

Online user guides are convenient because they are virtually everywhere on the internet. And if you’ve already delved into content marketing, it becomes a rule of thumb to write appropriately so your how-to guide remains effective and user-friendly. The following section details 4 great tips on writing a quality online manual.

Choose the Topic Appropriately

The title you opt to select will significantly impact the success of your e-manual. In most cases, the topic will be determined by the following:

  • The objective of the manual
  • Field of profession
  • The audience

Essentially, you need to create a manual that can achieve the intended purpose, interests the target audience and lies within your area of expertise. After developing an idea, come up with a unique content and one that competes highly with your competitors.

Make the Guide Responsive

Today, everyone wants to access information from his or her mobile phone or tablet. Therefore, you need to make the webpage responsive to any device of any size regardless of the audience in focus. Smart devices come in all sizes and shapes and so do the tools required to access the guide. When the information can only be accessed through a desktop, it strangles the essence of the manual.

Have a Clear Writing Plan

Have a well-laid out plan on what to include in the guide. By planning about the content and the structure, it makes the writing process effortless. That goes along with conducting in-depth research on the topic and arranging this information in a logical manner.

Explain Technical Terms

Always explain some specialized jargon that the readers are unfamiliar with. You can explain these terms in a separate glossary webpage. However, ensure you include a link that directs the audience to the glossary. That makes it easy for them to access the definitions when the need arises. It can also be explained in an article, like in this one for example.

Creating an effective online guide involves more than just the topic choice. Content marketers should keep tabs on their audience’s needs and wants, so they come up with useful online e-manuals.

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Meet Inspirational Poker Legends With Books

Before the internet made everything easy, everything used to be handed over through word of mouth. It’s tough to find out the history of poker as just like everything else, poker used to be handed over to generations from stories told at the tables. Media, the internet and television were none existent which made the situation even worse. However, books played a significant role in keeping the game alive.

It will surprise you how many poker legends have tried their hand in writing books. Just like legends in other fields, poker legends have also written books to inspire aspiring poker players.

Who Are Some Of The Big Name Poker Players Who Have Written Books?

Below are some of the poker legends whose books have revolutionized some of the most common poker approaches.
They include:

Michael Craig

Michael Craig in his book The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide revolutionized the way poker gets played. Poker players using this strategy became rock stars of the game. The book also borrows ideas heavily from some poker pros.

Tommy Angelo

His book Elements Of Poker brings to life ”reciprocality” which means approaching the game from different perspectives. The book teaches you to think outside the box when it comes to playing poker.

• Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon wrote Little Green Book got released at the height of Phil’s fame in 2009. The book is all about strategy and borrows heavily from Harvey Penick’s The Little Green Golf Book. His fame and poker prowess enabled him to have a TV show called the Celebrity Poker.

Which Is Your Poker Playing Style?

There are different names used to describe an individual style of poker play. They include:
The Fish/Calling Station: the player calls a bet more than they raise.
Newbie; they refuse to learn the game to elevate their status t pros.
Maniac: they raise the game at any opportunity hindering smooth flow of the game

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