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At thedailypoem.org we bring you a different poem each day from our extensive archive, as well as comprehensive profiles of classic and contemporary poets for you to peruse. We can help you improve your general knowledge of literature and familiarize yourself with different genres and periods. We also provide a glossary of important poetic terms, so you can get to know your alliteration from your onomatopoeia and your synecdoche from your syntax.

The benefits of reading poetry are ample and wide-ranging including, improving your sense of rhythm and musicality, broadening your vocabulary, and honing your self-expression and communication skills. Poems help us to vocalize feelings, which can be overwhelming at times. For example, in times of grief, many individuals turn to iconic poems such as ‘Stop the Clocks’ by WH Auden or, when overpowered by feelings of love, many turn to poems like ‘She Walks in Beauty Like the Night’ by William Wordsworth. For every season, for every moment, for every emotion, there is a poem which succinctly expresses what we want to say.

We often associate poetry with loathed English Literature lessons at school, or botched GCSEs, but the infinite possibilities of poetry and poetic language allows scope for communicating the complexities of the human experience. The brevity and the energy of a modernist Ezra Pound poem is miles away from the epic dimensions of John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. There are poems which are made to endure (say, ‘The Ages of Man’ by Shakespeare) and which speak of eternal human preoccupations and there are poems which speak to a specific time and place, like Matthew Arnold’s ‘Dover Beach’, best understood in the context of declining Christian values in Victorian Britain.

Make thedailypoem.org your go-to resource for seeing the wealth that poetry can bring to your life and for learning more about poets.